Online charging, online management

Operate and manage remotely your charging stations quick & easy from your smartphone or pc

Online Management Platform and Application

In co-operation with the Dutch company LMS

In cooperation with LMS we offer one of the most reliable and easy to use online platform and mobile application

Build your network, manage your charging stations

Using our platform you can control, operate, check, test all your stations. You can also receive technical information about its condition, details about the charging sessions that have been completed,  energy consumption records

Customized for your company

We can customize the platform according to your company’s brand name, colors and way of use

4 benefits of using MotionBOX Platform and Application


Successfully used by many European countries

Both platform and mobile application are supported by the Dutch Software company LMS. They are both used by most nothern European countries as a hi-end and easy-to-use application for safe and fast charging sessions


It comes with the MotionBOX mobile App

The platform is accompanied by the mobile application which can be installed on the users's smartphones. The app offers many options like start or stop a charging session, check the availability of the station, view the energy consumption, payment for the session etc


Training and technical support by MotionBOX

We will train the personnel that will use the platform and we will be always next to you to solve every technical issue that my arise.


Compensate for the cost of electric power

Compensate for the cost of electric power and create a new income. Our platforms offers many billing and payment options