For the drivers

Charge with MotionBOX wherever you are

I am a new user and want to sign up

1. Register using either of the 2 options:
– Online platform here , or
– Mobile Application , download here: android  or  iphone
2. Start charging using the application

I am a registered user

1. Sign in using your username and password and start charging using the MotionBOX App, android  or  iphone
2. Use your Carging Card you have received by MotionBOX

I want to charge without registering

1. Download the MotionBOX application: android ή iphone
2. Use the map to locate your charge point
3. Choose a payment method between Credit Card or PayPal and start charging. (extra deduction 0.75€)

I want to charge using an other network -Roaming

1. Register as a new user and check the box “I want to receive a charging card” , and we will send you your MotionBOX Charging Card (it is free you pay only shipping cost)
2. Use your card to charge at all European combatible networks

I want to charge at my home

No registration needed, just ask for a Plug&Charge station

I want to charge at my apartment block

Every resident uses a MotionBOX card which counts his/her personal energy consumption