Designed to withstand on-street environment

Twin is designed for a high volume streetscape environment and suitable for any semi-public or public space with a 3-phase supply. It offers two back-to back sockets in a vandal-proof steel pillar with curved top surface so waste cannot be left on the charger. The pillar can be brand wrapped if required. The charger incorporates an RFID reader and MID-meter for financial settlement. Its user interface is language-agnostic, with user instructions in icon form and LED charging status lights. Internet connection is via GPRS/Ethernet, with data available via the chosen third party management system provider


Advanced smart functionality

Market-leading smart functionality. Supports multiple user profiles, pricing hierarchies and financial transaction settlement. It can also communicate with, and respond to, other smart technologies and solutions that share common standards and open protocols. MotionBOX charging stations are capable of integration and interoperation with self-generated renewables, energy storage and flexible energy tariffs


Twin stations can form Charging Networks up to 100 single socket, or 50 double socket, charging stations on a single site. Load balance across all vehicles charging at any time to maximise charging speeds within the available local grid capacity. Also includes the option to set bespoke charging priorities

Engineered to last

All products are robust, safe, secure and reliable. Built in Alfen’s Dutch factory using A-grade components, all models are rigorously tested and independently certified. Each comes with a standard warranty and optional service package with service level agreement.