Eve Single Pro-line Cable

Type 1 or 2 tethered cable

1 or 3 phase

3.7KW, 7.4KW, 11.0KW, 22.0KW

Online management (sim or Ethernet)

Energy meter

Color Display 3.5''

RFID card authorization

Compact, with advanced smart functionality, for home and business use

Designed to be physically compact, without compromising any of Alfen’s smart functionality, the Eve Single Pro-line is suitable for business and home use and can be wall or pole mounted. The user interfaces with a colour screen with logo upload facility. An integrated RFID reader supports user identification and a MID-meter enables financial settlement. Internet connection is via GPRS/Ethernet, with data available via the chosen third party management system provider.

Smart charging and functionality

Market-leading smart functionality. Supports multiple user profiles, pricing hierarchies and financial transaction settlement. It can also communicate with, and respond to, other smart technologies and solutions that share common standards and open protocols

Full colour 3.5″ screen with logo upload facility

The screen guides users through the charging process. Its popular logo upload facility also offers a unique business branding opportunity.


MotionBOX charging stations are capable of integration and interoperation with self-generated renewables, energy storage and flexible energy tariffs. Besides, they can form Charging Networks up to 100 single socket, or 50 double socket, charging stations on a single site. Load balance across all vehicles charging at any time to maximise charging speeds within the available local grid capacity. Also includes the option to set bespoke charging priorities