Our Story…

New era, new driving experience

We are a team that loves green environment, technology and of course electric cars. Our desire to participate in the spread of electric mobility in Greece was the impetus for the creation of MotionBOX to 2016.

Our partnership with the internationally renowned Dutch charging station manufacturer ALFEN provides us with cutting-edge know-how, continuous training and experience coming from a country, The Netherlands, which is between the Europe’s leaders in electro-mobility.

Our partnership with the also Dutch LMS software development and application company further enhanced our know-how and expanded our range of services.

Subsequently, other collaborations with recognized companies in the field of electric power were made.

MotionBOX now offers both a range of charging infrastructure and know-how in the range of services that a professional, business and electric car driver may need

 Everything is electricity

Nikola Tesla

We aim to…

The development of electric-mobility combined with renewable energy

The sun and the wind can feed us daily with unending and clean energy for our journeys

We envision…

Healthy living environment with fresh air, clean energy, pleasant commuting and driving pleasure!